Jaw slimming

Jaw (masseter) slimming

Non-surgical jaw reduction with toxin injections is a temporary solution for those who would like to smooth a sharp square jawline to a more feminine oval shaped contour.

Toxin injections are an effective treatment for reducing a prominent, disproportionate, or asymmetric jaw line caused by enlarged masseter muscles. These muscles are commonly enlarged if you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping.

The treatment works by reducing the size of the muscles injected, thereby slimming and smoothing the facial contour. Results may last approximately 4-6 months, which is longer than the average duration for the most commonly treated areas of the face (i.e. frown lines, forehead, and crow’s feet, which last an average of three to four months).

It is important to note that this treatment is only effective on patients with enlarged jaw muscles, it will not reduce a jaw line that is defined by a squared jaw bone. In this instance surgical intervention would be required.